About us

Kickgoods is an online store focused exclusively on innovative gadgets by indie developers, originated on Kickstarter*.

Tech geeks all over the world crave for these peculiar devices because they are unique, custom-made and unconventional. However, until recently inventions funded through Kickstarter or other crowdfunding platforms were almost unobtainable in Russia. Partly, due to the lack of developers’ interest in our market, partly because our retailers were not eager to take risks and deal with lesser-known experimental devices.

Our mission is to make these tech innovations — now a rare thing in our shops — available in Russia. Being a great venture on the whole, Kickstarter can sometimes make unpleasant surprises providing crude raw stuff with flaws and software bugs: localization problems and poor quality to name but a few. We do not support junk and never offer our customers goods without quality assurance. We give green light only to those devices which have passed our tests and proven that they comply with their favorable descriptions.

We are constantly expanding the range of products and do our best to simplify the online purchase process, so that you would become our regular customer. We deliver directly from manufacturers and their official dealers, thus you are 100% fraud free guaranteed. You can pay for your order online, or by cash on delivery or on self pickup. We can provide door-to-door shipping in Moscow, as well as throughout Russian Federation. We launched three years ago, but we still continue to build trust among our customers. That’s why we are open to any questions and are always ready to provide all the necessary information for you to make easy and comfortable purchases in our shop a habit. We are available via email or by phone: +7 499 678-02-55.

*Kickstarter is a website where people provide money for the inventors to bring their ideas (described and published on the website) to life. This is called crowdfunding. How does it work? Imagine one million people each throwing in a dollar – this means, that one million dollars is collected, the project is embodied, the inventor fulfils his dream, but what’s more important – the world gets a brand new useful and needful product. That’s what happens on Kickstarter.